Simple takes of a wildly complex world

What initially started as an exploration to promote stewardship for environmental awareness, has grown to a fascination of the interplay between recognition and abstraction.

At times, I embrace the intrinsic beauty of my subjects, creating images that seem to nod to the countless photographs of similar subjects that have come before. Leveraging scale, detail and materials to fuse these images with my personal perspective, reintroducing a subject in ways that challenge the viewer’s perception.

However, more and more I’m on a quest to render the familiar differently, offering viewers a new perspective on the world around them. It’s akin to encountering someone from your past, seeing them in an entirely new light. I want to challenge viewers to see my work not as traditional photographs, but as visual explorations on the threshold between recognition and abstraction.

In essence, my art is a journey into the expansive possibilities of photography, where I challenge the capabilities of the imaging and printing apparatus, materials, and the unpredictable nature of the natural world to create images that resonate with a sense of being familiar yet different. Creating images that are open to response.

I’m an Ohio native and current Virginia resident. I received a BFA from Kent State University School of Visual Communication and Design. My photography exploration is influenced by years of creating stories in the world of brand marketing and working with some of the top photographers as an art director, creative director and educator. Training that inspires me to approach my art openly but with a purpose.

My work has been in exhibitions at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia Beach, VA; SE Center for Photography, Greenville, SC; Glave Kocen Gallery, Richmond, VA; Capital One Gallery, Chesapeake, VA; BOJUart gallery, Virginia Beach, VA and Richmond, VA; the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Norfolk, VA; The Sentara Brock Cancer Center, Norfolk, VA; and numerous personal and corporate permanent collections.

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Charitable Donations and Support

I photograph through an environmental awareness lens to promote good stewardship. Capturing and preserving moments is at the core of my work, using it to support our world through donations of time, money, and limited edition prints to charities, auctions and support for non-profit fundraising is a responsibility I carry. Below is a selection of organizations helped over the years:

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation
The Norfolk Botanical Gardens
Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art
Ignite RPS (Empowering Richmond City Public School Teachers)
Sentara Brock Cancer Center (Norfolk, VA)

A Thousand Tales

About this image: I was fortunate to find this opportunity during an exploration of the eastern shore in Virginia. This is a part of our coastline that has limited access and is made up of countless islands and channels that change with the tides. I was drawn to this image first by sound. I wouldn’t have noticed these expansive schools of small fish rhythmically swimming this remote channel, if not for the sound of the surface exploding with activity as they danced across the surface over and over in a repetitive sequence.

Once I made the print, it made perfect sense to finish coat the piece with a resin finish to capture the feel of the channel water. The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art agreed and included the work in an exhibition.

A Thousand Tales, 2019
Edition of 3 + 1 AP
40 x 60  inches, image

Custom sizes available


A Thousand Tales (detail)

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